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One Click Presets

All our high quality presets are designed to get the best results out of your photos with only one click. Lightroom presets create stunning results and they are a big time saver.

No need to adjust a lot of different settings. Just choose a preset - thats it. This is why presets are used by both professionals and beginners. 

5 Star Reviews

We have more than 1000+  awesome reviews from happy customers. Our high attention to detail is what makes the difference and our high returning customer rate proofs us right.

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Premium Support

We are here to help you with your questions and concerns. Customer support is very important to us and we will solve all your requests within 24 hours.

You can also find answers to almost all your Lightroom and preset questions in our comprehensive FAQ section :)

Mobile Lightroom Presets

Lightroom mobile presets give you the possibility to achieve a consistent and coherent photo style. Editing with the free app is super fast and easily accessible wherever you go. This makes the whole editing incredibly easy and convenient as it can be done on the go right on your smartphone with mobile presets.

Desktop Lightroom Presets

All our Lightroom Preset Packs contain both, the desktop and mobile version so that you can edit you images on all your favorite devices. The final look of your image will be the same no matter if you are editing on your desktop computer, laptop, your tablet or your smartphone. The choice is yours

What are Lightroom Presets anyway ?

Lightroom presets work like Instagram filters, but on a much more professional level as they provide you with a more fine-grained editing.

Both the mobile and the desktop version of the tool offer predefined settings, which unite numerous editing settings into one click.

Lightroom filters thus create the opportunity to capture a consistent photo style in your IG feed, blog or gallery without the hassle of trying to achieve a similar look for each photo individually.