30-Day Song Challenge Template | Instagram Story Game

Using games on Instagram Stories can help you boost your engagement and increases interaction with your followers. So why not take them on a journey where they can get to know you a little better?

Even your best friends might know you really well, but do they know which song is your favourite duet or a song which makes you feel empowered?

That's why we created our 30-Day Song Challenge Template for you! Fill it with 30 different songs during the next 30 days and start your journey to travel through spaces, memories and time.



How does it work?

  1. Save the image of one of our 30-day song challenge templates which you can find below
  2. Upload the image to your Instagram Story
  3. Use the drawing tool (second from the right of the screen) and circle day1
  4. Choose a song which matches the topic of day1
  5. Add the song to your story via the sticker tool (third from the right of the screen)
  6. Share your story - done!
  7. Restart with day 2 and start your journey :)

30 days seem a little too long for you? No problem, we split our 30-Day Challenge in four 7-Day Song Challenge Templates, too, which you can find below.

Ready to show the world some great songs everybody should listen to or to travel back in time to find some hidden treasures? We can't wait to turn on the volume! 



30-Day Song Challenge Template (onepager)


30-Day Song Challenge Template - Week1


30-Day Song Challenge Template - Week2


30-Day Song Challenge Template - Week3


30-Day Song Challenge Template - Week4


30-Day Song Challenge Template - Week5



7-Day Song Challenge Template - 1a


7-Day Song Challenge Template - 1b 


7-Day Song Challenge Template - 1c


7-Day Song Challenge Template - 1d