45 At-Home Photoshoot Ideas

“Go big or go home” as the saying goes. What if staying home was the new “going big”?

If the weather is bad or you’re just not fancying heading outside to shoot your next group of images, your home can be a perfect location for your next photoshoot.

You can really get creative when shooting at home, and develop confidence that will allow you to step up your game when creating awesome photos.
Take inspiration from your favourite creators through the media and social media and recreate them at home! You don’t need to have past experience of capturing these shots, you’d be surprised at how great an idea can be collated at home!

Don’t believe us?

Read on for 45 of our top at-home photoshoot ideas you should try when you’re next searching for inspiration for a great photoshoot.

45 at-home photoshoot ideas to try now

1. Flowers

There are lots of different ways to incorporate flowers into a great photo. Whether you’re posing with a bouquet of peonies or using them as a muse for an artistic botanical shoot. 

You could try experimenting with different angles and perspectives, such as sticking the stems of your flowers to the camera and shooting as if the camera is looking up from the ground.

2. Mirrors Outdoors

We’ve all seen the Tiktok trend of selfies taken in mirrors outside with a stylish outfit and gleaming blue sky, and you could definitely use these as inspiration for your next shoot at home!

Head outside on a sunny day to capture a shameless mirror selfie, or hop in your car to shoot using the wing mirrors. Don’t forget, your background in the reflection can play into the photo composition too.

3. Mirrors Indoors

Use indoor mirrors to shoot some unique and interesting photos. For example, use multiple mirrors to capture different angles or surreal imagery, or,  set up your tripod so that it looks into the mirror from a distance while you look into or write on the mirror.

4. Strings

Now, it might sound a little unconventional, but the best part about taking your photos at home is that you can get really innovative with it. 

Hang strings around you from the ceiling using tape and use them as a prop for creating a beautiful photo with depth. It doesn’t have to be strings, you could opt for ribbons or strings of fairy lights- whatever you have around the house!

5. Bed Sheets or Backdrops

Bed sheets can serve as great backdrops for giving your photos an ethereal vibe. Simply hang a plain bed sheet behind you against a wall and play around with some photos. You might experiment with some up close headshots, or opt to use some flowers or a chair as a prop. 

6. Shadows

The good thing about being at home is that you’ll likely already know the best spots in the house for lighting. Perhaps it’s a cosy nook in your attic or a balcony that gets a hit of morning sunshine. Use natural lighting to create shadows on your skin- you could even use a prop or fabric to add something unique to your images, such as netting. 

7. Dressing Table Shots

Shoot a classic makeup look or 1950s inspired photo at your dressing table. You could set your tripod up so that it looks at you as you apply makeup or stare into a mirror.


8. Wardrobe Dress up 

Your wardrobe is a great place to not only get dressed up in your best outfit but to take some Carrie Bradshaw-esque pictures. Don’t be afraid to get experimental, perhaps you could capture yourself throwing scarfs in the air or walking a catwalk in your favourite boots?

9. Bubble Bath

There’s no better location than home to shoot in the bathtub! Take inspiration from the 1950s by getting glammed up in makeup with a hair wrap and filling your bath with bubbles before taking some classic shots. 

10. Milk Bath

The bath can also be perfect for capturing some arty shots with flowers- and can make a great location for a portrait photo. Pour a small amount of milk into your bath until it turns white and fill it with flowers for some natural portrait or creative shots. This can also be handy for shooting distinctive product photos!


11. Window Shots

Head to a window with plenty of natural light and shoot some images of reflections as they bounce off the glass. It will be an added bonus if you have some lace blinds to play around with natural shadows in your photos. The natural light in combination with a calm background will give your photos an airy look.

12. Portraits 

Your home should be the space you feel the most relaxed, which makes taking portrait pictures that little bit less daunting. Find a plain background to try some close-up images, use objects like drinking glasses to shoot through or get creative by wearing something that matches your background.

13. Nature 

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or outdoor space, head outside to be at one with nature. Your shoot could be as simple as laying in the grass or picking fruit from a tree, or you could set up a moody photoshoot in a greenhouse.

14. Food as Props

Fruit and other foods can bring a real vibrancy to your images. Cut up some citrus fruits for some fun shots like holding them up to your eyes, or cook your favourite savoury dish for some shots of you eating! 

15. Seasonal Settings

Each season comes with its own unique benefits, and just as you would during a location setting you should take advantage of these! For example, do your windows frost up a little in the winter? Perhaps the trees in your garden drop crisp leaves in the autumn? 

Whichever season you are shooting in, take advantage of the perks that come with it.

16. Duvet Day 

Take a ‘just woke up’ duvet day shoot in your bed by setting up your perfect morning breakfast. You could take candid shots of you relaxing, or some flat lay style Instagrammable photos of your duvet day set up.

17. Textures

You can create lots of different vibes simply from the textures you use in your images- whether that’s your clothing, background or props. 

Walk around your home and source interesting items for some macro photos. It could be close-ups of food, delicate jewellery or even your pet’s paws!

18. With a Pet

What’s more photogenic than your pet?

Pets make a cute photo, so why not treat your canine or feline friend to a lighthearted photoshoot? Whether you’re both curled up on the sofa or playing a fun game of fetch.

19. Daily Activities

Your daily activities needn’t be ignored as great photo ideas! Besides, people love to see the real person behind the camera. Whether you’re working out or making your favourite morning smoothie- snap a posed or candid shoot while you’re going about your daily routine. 

20. Get Dressed up 

You don’t need to be at a party or event to get dressed up! Why not go full glam in your best attire for a fun shoot at home? It’s the perfect opportunity to try on new outfits and play around with different styles and filters.

21. Makeup Shots 

Since you’re at home, there’s no pressure to capture photos within a specific timeframe, and you can really take your time to experiment. 

Home is, therefore, a great location for testing out some makeup looks, so don’t be afraid to go all out with experimentation. Whether that’s a bold colour lip or an eye shadow created from items around the house!

22. Flat Lays

You can create a flat lay of anything- all you need is the perfect background! Try using your duvet cover or a large piece of coloured paper to start. Then, grab a load of your favourite items- whether that’s a selection of cosmetic products or bowls of the most instagrammable foods and get to work capturing some attractive shots.

23. Pampas Grass 

You’ve likely seen it all over Instagram, but pampas grass is hugely popular at the moment for both interior and style photos. It can be used as a prop for styling a great headshot, showing off a hair accessory or for capturing some drool-worthy interiors.

24. Torn Paper 

We’ve seen this idea all over social media, and it’s a really easy one for you to replicate at home. Simply tear up the middle of a piece of paper, hold it up or stick it to your camera (tears facing towards the camera), and test out some shots within the space.

Whether you try out some full-length shots or play around with photos that make it look as though there’s something coming out of the paper. It’s totally up to you!

25. Drinks 

Get cosy with a mug of hot chocolate, try your hand at a homemade iced coffee or mix up your favourite cocktail to snap some Instagram-worthy shots! You could even style the shoot with added ingredients such as a tray, chopped up fruit or ice around the drink.

26. Rainbow Reflections

Use a CD to reflect natural light into a rainbow effect in your photos. If you don’t have one to hand, you can create rainbow effects using mirrors or particularly shiny props (such as glass pendants). This can create a really beautiful effect for both portrait and abstract images.

27. Wallpaper 

Wallpapers can make striking backgrounds for photoshoots, particularly if they have fun prints! This can be an ideal place to capture outfit shots or home interiors. You could set up a sofa or bed in front of the wallpapered wall and shoot some editorial style shots.

28. Chair Prop

Use a chair to capture some editorial photos in front of a plain background. You can use it as a prop for standing on, for outfit shots as you look into the camera, or go for a relaxed vibe by slouching in the chair and using an old telephone as a prop.

29. Selfies 

We couldn’t miss out selfies in a photoshoot idea list! Being at home is the best time to experiment with selfies, so head to the best natural light spot in your house or set up a ring light to get some great photos.

30. Interiors

Whether you’re house proud or simply inspired by dreamy interior Instagram accounts, walk around your home and shoot your favourite corners of your house. We won’t tell anyone if some of your photos portray your home in a slightly less messy light than real life! 

31. Recreate a Classic Photo

Is there a classic photo that stands out in your mind? Perhaps it's a portrait of the famous Audry Hepburn or an old photo of your parents in the 80s. A fun idea might be to recreate these photos! Raid your wardrobe and source the closest clothing to the image, and play around with the settings on your phone or camera to give it an authentic, vintage feel.

32. In Motion

Play around with throwing things in the air or in motion to capture a great shot (of course, don’t break anything in the process!). Here are some ideas to start off with:

  • Liquid in a glass or glass bottle
  • Petals falling after being thrown in the air
  • Throwing leaves in the air outside
  • Capture your pet in motion as they run towards you


33. Retro Outfit

Source your most 70s style outfit, head out to the shops for a retro bottle of coca-cola, set up your record player and get to work capturing some shots as if you had stepped back in time! This can be a really fun and creative shoot idea.

34. Bubbles

Blow bubbles into the camera and set up a self-timer shot or capture some as they float in the air in front of you!

35. Projector Backgrounds

Another way of experimenting with backgrounds is to use a projector. With the help of a bedsheet or clean blank wall behind you, find an image or pattern online that you think would look great on camera and use it as a background for a contemporary shoot.

36. Nails

If you get inspired by different styles and trends on social media, why not give them a go while you’re at home? Or, dedicate some time to finding your own style for your fashion blog and shooting it on camera. There are vast amounts of nail trends on Pinterest or Instagram that you could take inspiration from, and use different backgrounds to bring the photo together. 

37. Books

Books can make excellent props for photoshoots. You could pile them on top of each other, making a frame around something, rest your arms on a pile of books, peek over the top of an open book or be candidly reading on a windowsill. The possibilities are endless!

38. Spa Day

When shooting at home, you needn’t go out of your way to set up an extravagant set up (unless you want to!). You can shoot something as simple as your pamper routine! 

With your hair up in a towel, robe on and a cup of coffee or book open to read, you can set the scene for a day of pampering.

39. Indoor Jungle 

One for the indoor plant lovers, grab each of your plants and set them up together to shoot an indoor jungle! You could set the camera up with the plants around you, or let them take centre stage.

40. Retro Accessories

Head over to your grandma or the flea market and find those hidden treasures such as and old telephone, sunglasses, or a fancy dressing gown. This can be a really fun and creative shoot idea.


41. Laundry 

Laundry might not be anyone’s favourite chore, but you can make it so by creating a photoshoot with it!

Go for a retro, nostalgic styled shoot by taking some photos sat on top of the washing machine, or head outside as the clothing dries to take some as the wind pushes them in the air.

42. Rain or Shower

Don’t let bad weather get in the way of shooting amazing content! Shoot a dramatic portrait image through a window as the rain drops down on it. This can look even better with a monochrome effect on your camera! Living in a sunny country? Lucky you! Take a portrait in the shower.

43. Couples Shoot

Have some fun with your other half with an indoor photoshoot! You could start with a cosy home movie photoshoot or take some candid photos enjoying each other's company.

44. Glitter

Blow glitter into the camera, decorate your face with it or throw it into the air! These can make some beautiful shots. 

45. Hair 

No matter if you have long or short hair, you can get creative with some photoshoot shots at home. Lay on the floor with your hair flat behind you, and pose with some flowers or hair accessories as you shoot photos from above. Or, take some photos from the back of your hair as you pose on a chair or stand looking towards your background.

Are you feeling inspired by our list of photoshoot ideas?

There are so many possibilities for taking fun photos at home! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your ideas and style them in a way that’s true to your personal style and aesthetic.

Which of our ideas will you be trying first?