11 Best Instagram Story Filters for Selfies

If you’re like most of us, you often find yourself constantly scrolling through the endless content on social media. It’s easy to get sucked into the infinite grid of clothing, food, work-out routines…you name it, it’s there – and we’re here for it! 

Do you find yourself gazing at the beautiful people on Instagram? Wondering how they always seem to have the perfect bright picture, in the perfect place, with perfect skin? Did you know, you can do it too?

One word...filters. Instagram filters, particularly Instagram selfie filters, have come a long way. When Instagram first started, you could slap a “Sepia” tone on your photo and call it a day. Well, now it’s 2021 and you can even match the aesthetic of your home screen icons to your outfit. So of course there are tons of amazing story filters for selfies to go with your aesthetic, too. Here are our faves.

Natural Instagram Story Filters for Selfies

1. Luminous by paolaalberdi

If you’re just looking for that lovely glow, Luminous is for you! Makeup or no makeup, this filter smudges all that texture and those fine lines away for a flawless skin look. We’re obsessed! So if your photo is feeling bland, and you want your skin to look creamy and dreamy – save this filter. It’ll be the perfect go-to for any occasion.

 Instagram Story Filter Luminous

2. Endless Summer Glow by katieaustin

Need some content but don’t feel like fixing your face? We’ve all been there. That’s where the story filters for selfies with the perfect natural look comes in! This filter is amazing! It sets you up with flawless skin and light vintage grain. The name already tells it: You will get a beautiful summer tan with this filter. It’s the perfect go-to make up vibe after a long day or right when you wake up. It’s done so well, you will wish getting out of bed looked like this on the daily.

 Instagram Story Filter Endless Summer Glow

3. CLEAN 5 PRESET by denisebobe

Clean 5 Preset is that perfect filter to bask your followers in an aura of filter-enhanced glow. It does such a great job of simple, natural enhancements that are so spot on it will be difficult to tell if you don’t really just look that phenomenal. This filter subtly plumps your pout to perfection, smooths and glows your skin, and throws on a very light eyelash for that perfect enhancement.

Instagram Story Filter for Selfies Clean 5 Preset

4. No Filter Filter by alexandra_rmh

Let’s keep it simple with the No Filter Filter: This filter subtly softens your skin and adds a subtle shimmer. Perfect for every-day content.

Instagram No Filter Filter for Stories

5. GrainA4 by maul_olya

This filter will give your stories a boho feel by adding a little bit of grain to your selfie or reel. We all know vintage is in and we will forever be stealing style tips from generations past, so it makes total sense that we would all love a chic vintage photo to give us all the throwback feels and set us apart from the day-to-day photo quality we’re used to. 

Instagram Story Filter GrainA4

6. Oslo Filtr by floormoncayo_

The Oslo story filter on IG keeps your photo looking natural and enhanced. Think “auto-enhancement”, but on steroids. This filter will make everything from the background to your skin in your photo pop, while keeping it natural. It’s one of those things that you didn’t even know you needed until you compare it to your original photo and see how dull that first picture actually was. 

Instagram Story Filter for Selfies Oslo Filtr

Glam Instagram Story Filters

We are beautiful, right? Yes, we are beautiful as is, but sometimes you want to feel the GLAM. From glitter to gold to bomb lashes – here are some of the best IG story filters to bring out your inner diva and add the glam you crave to your selfie. 

7. Make_Francesca by francesca

With a winged liner, some fab lashes, and the perfect highlight, this filter glams you up quick! Not only does it have the natural makeup enhancement to completely take care of your face, but it shimmers around the face and even adds pops of colour to your lid.

We all know how difficult it can be to apply eyeliner evenly, and this filter does the hard work for you. Choose from classic black, pink, orange, purple or green cat eye flicks to give your lids that colourful pop.

Instagram Story Filter Make_Francesca 

8. Sama Glow by samadhiza

This fun glam filter does so much for your face! There’s pink blush on the cheek, highlighter that glows as much as the influencer gods, and the prettiest pink glossy lip that will have you wondering where you can buy the exact shade off screen!

Instagram Story Filter for Selfies Sama Glow

Animated Instagram Story Filters

Who doesn’t love a great animated filter? These speak for themselves and we have so much fun playing with them! You can change your hair in a second or have butterfly’s dance on your cheeks. We have seen quite a few photo filters now, but there are a lot of artsy filters to enhance your video content, too.The next few filters are the best Instagram filters to add spark and whimsy to your story – while looking bomb of course.

9. Cute Lettering by sasha_soul_art 

This filter focuses on letting you archive your story by using a cute and simple black font to display the date, time, and day of the week above your photo or reel. However, what this filter does for your selfie is far more valuable. It blurs the skin, because we all love a flawless face, but the gold in this filter is the ability to adjust the size of your lips! You can choose just how plump you want your pout to be by simply dragging your finger. If this isn’t a phenomenal benefit of social media technology, we’re not sure what is!

Instagram Story Filter Cute lettering

10. Eyes Butterfly by lenatemnikovaofficial

We’re sure you’ve seen the variations of the butterfly trends - from them dancing along your crown, to batting pretty on your cheeks - but this filter takes it to a new and glamourous level. Alongside the smooth skin and honeycomb highlights, two beautiful monarch butterflies extend off your eyelashes as if your eyelashes were their wings. This filter is so creative and beautiful, we suggest your spruce up your content with this vibe... like yesterday!

Instagram Selfie Story Filter Eyes Butterfly

11. Diamond by yulua.kors

This animated glam filter is so much fun for those dramatic selfies! Per usual, it gives your skin that amazing glow, while lightening your eyes to an entrancing slate-grey hue. The fun part comes with the light sparkling outlying your features and the two simple diamonds set directly beneath each eye to help you exude confidence. Diamonds really are our best friend.  

Instagram Story Filter Diamond

Searching for the Perfect Instagram Story Filter

If you’re having trouble figuring out where you can try these for yourself, follow these simple steps to elevate your selfies and your content!

  • Click on your “Story” bubble on Instagram
  • Slide the filter bubble at the bottom to the right and land on any filter previously chosen for you
  • Click on the name of said filter at the very bottom of your screen 
  • Choose “Browse Effects”
  • Choose to search by category or use the search handle in the top right to search for the filter by name
  • Go forth, look bomb, and create amazing content!

Happy Gramming!