How to Shoot and Edit Like Erik Forsgren

The Swedish-born fashion blogger and model certainly wows with his stunning Instagram feed. No wonder that Erik Forsgren inspired Presets and Instagram filters are widely popular among fashion bloggers right now.

The content creator, who also runs the fashion and travel website, is known for working with top notch brands like Calvin Klein and Daniel Wellington.

On top of that, he has a big following on Instagram where he curates travel, fashion and lifestyle inspiration. His feed has a soothing calm vibe to it with nuances of grey, white and light blue bringing out contrasts and dark skin tones for a clean and desaturated style.

Let’s have a look at how you can create the charismatic Forsgren-style for your Instagram feed!

How to shoot and edit like Erik Forsgre 

How to Take Photos Like Erik Forsgren:

Content & Composition

The content of Erik’s feed ranges from outfit inspirations and lifestyle shots to a look at his latest travel destinations across the globe with his wife, Swedish fashion and travel influencer Victoria Törnegren, and their little daughter Ellie.

Erik has a very distinct way to compose his photos. He usually takes center stage giving us a full glance at his favorite outfits and the location he’s shooting in.


However, he’s hardly ever directly facing the camera, but looking in one direction. This gives the impression of world beyond the photo frame and adds a little more depth to it. It also supports the notion of a spontaneous shot rather than a staged professional photo shoot.

You can achieve this look by positioning yourself or your model in the center of the photo and start composing from there.

If you don’t know right away, which pose looks best on camera, move around, take a sip of your coffee, look into different directions, focus on different parts of your outfit, try different backgrounds and take as many photos as necessary to find your favorite photo composition.

The Right Accessories

Erik uses „everyday“ accessories in his photos to give them a bit of an authentic touch. You can find objects like newspapers, cans of soft drinks, bags or other items or he lets his fiancée and little daughter star in his photos with him. Why not try to play around with different items you often use to give your photos a lively and unstaged look?

Camera Equipment of Erik Forsgren

Erik says of himself that he’s not a photographer in the first place, but loves to learn and play around with new functions and filters. He usually doesn’t tag or include any information about the camera he uses to take his photos, but we do know that he has a thing for Olympus and their stylish Pen-F camera model as you can also read on his blog.

The Olympus Pen-F is an extremely compact and very stylish camera with a retro touch, which also passes as a great accessory, according to Erik. It has a great size and is perfect if you want to bring your camera along on your next city trip or vacation. It’s a very versatile camera, as there are a lot of so called fixed focal lengths with a small aperture available. By opening the aperture, you get that blurred background that a lot of photographers and influencers use to steer the attention towards the center of the photo. 

How to Edit Like Erik Forsgren:

If you want to edit your photos like Erik Forsgren, there are a few tricks and tweaks you can do to get this cool and desaturated look.

We’ve created a guide for you to follow and play around with so that you can get your favorite photo style for your Instagram feed or blog. Here are a few things to look out for in the editing process:

  • Low exposure
  • Lower highlights and whites
  • Bring out shadows and blacks
  • Decrease saturation, but focus on bringing out the skin tones
  • For the overall clean and cool look bring up the clarity and dehaze it a little bit
  • In the details, increase sharpening, noise reduction and also the color noise reduction for the edgy finish

You can add a vignette to round off the photo, just play around with the basic setting to find your own Forsgren-inspired style!

Lightroom Presets Inpired by Erik Forsgren

If you want to create a stunning photo look and edit like Erik Forsgren, you don’t have to be a professional photographer or editing pro. You can simply use mobile presets to up your Instagram game! Lightroom presets work like Instagram filters, but without the manual adjusting. Presets are predefined settings, which enable you to edit each photo with the same parameters to achieve a consistent look in your Instagram feed or blog – quick and easy in just one click.

edit like erik forsgren preset

Erik Forsgren Instagram Filters and Other Desaturated Looks

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