How to Shoot and Edit Like Emily Luciano

From chunky knits to denim trends, Emily Luciano’s blog and Instagram feed should be your go-to address for style inspiration. The story behind her aesthetic brand? A graphic design student gone influencer story. Emily is a fashion content creator from Ottawa, Canada, now based in New York City. On her successful blog Lovely Luciano and stunning Instagram feed, she showcases outfit inspirations and NY lifestyle content. Her dreamy, yet simplistic look with browns and pastel tones like blush pinks as base colors make for an exquisite combination of „simple and chic with a street style twist“, as she says herself. Let’s have a look how you can create a similar aesthetic for your blog or Instagram feed!

How to shoot and edit like Emily Luciano

How to Shoot Like Emily Luciano

Content & Composition

From the latest trends in sunglasses, the season’s must-have color for coats or how to wear your favorite pair of ripped jeans – Emily’s photos show you how it’s done! With her photos, she creates perfect lookbooks for the cosmopolitan wardrobe along with a look at her favorite getaway destinations and some behind-the-scenes of a fashion blogger’s life in New York City.

Emily loves muted earthy tones, but surprisingly also includes girly pink pastels. To make her well thought-through outfits stand out even more, she ususally picks one statement color from her outfits and repeats it in the background or her surroundings. Your favorite overcoat is dark red? Why not include a red fire hydrant in the background to make the color pop and add a layer of excitement to the composition of your photo.

Emily certainly has an eye for on-trend outfits and color combinations. To accentuate her style, she goes for long shots and full shots with her in the center of the photo showing only very little of the background to drive the focus towards the center. Occasionally, she switches up the setting size to a medium shot close-up when capturing details or accessories like an iconic purse.

Although Emily has quite a repertoire of poses, she still manages to make it look effortless and natural. She hardly ever faces the camera directly, but rather either looks down, tilts her head to the side or looks into the distance. This opens up the photo frame a bit and creates the illusion of a world beyond the frame.


Luciano’s outfits would not be complete without the perfect accessories. Her number one accessory to replenish any outfit is a pair of stylish sunglasses. Try to find one statement accessory like a pair of sunglasses, your favorite watch, a wallet you always have with you or a statement scarf to add as a red thread throughout your photos. If you can’t find similar backgrounds or photo locations for every single photo, using distinct accessories repeatedly can help create a consistent look in your feed regardless of whether or not the rest of the composition is the same.

How to Edit Like Emily Luciano

To achieve Emily’s signature vintage look yourself, there are a few things you can try out and play around with in the editing process. Generally, this specific photo look is based on the following settings:

  • Increase contrast
  • Decrease saturation to achieve the muted tones
  • Increase clarity to enhance the structure and make details stand out more
  • Increase hues of orange and red by pushing up saturation and luminance to bring out skin tones and darker tones overall
  • Decrease hues of blue, green and purple by decreasing saturation and luminance
  • To make the brown tones pop out more, use the split toning panel and select a brown tone in the highlights and the shadows to target both the highlights and the shadows with brown nuances

Emily Luciano-inspired Instagram filters and Lightroom presets

Feeling inspired, but don’t have the editing skills yet to recreate the stunning photo look yourself? Mobile presets can do the job for you and are an easy and effective way to help you find your own unique Instagram style! Presets predefine key settings such as saturation, clarity and the different color hues and can be activated with just one click for any photo you’re editing. Easy, huh?

Emily Luciano inspired Instagram filter

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