Light and Airy Presets: How To Achieve the Bright Look

Light and airy presets give the chic, stylish and free-spirited look that has you falling in love constantly with all your favorite Instagram feeds.

Those bright and airy images of exotic places, latest fashion and to-die-for interiors have all been blessed with the magic touch of a light and airy preset.

Everyone loves the light-filled, dreamy imagery and as well as social media, it is trending in all kinds of places, including print magazines and brochures. 

So how do you get your photos from nice to wow? There are three main steps - taking the photo, applying the right preset and editing the image.

Today we share the low down on how the transformation can happen, so your 2021 social media show will be more epic than it already is!

How to Take Light and Airy Photos

The first step is to take photos that will work well with the light and airy presets. To get the most of your light and airy presets, here are some hints on how to take light and airy photos that will be ready for some preset love.

Use natural light and shoot at a time of day when there is abundant light. It's tough to produce light and airy images when you started in a dark and moody place. If you are shooting indoors, look for natural light coming through the windows. Find white walls that will reflect light and make your images brighter. 

light and airy presets for Instagram

Remove any clutter or colors that will detract from the light and airy feel you are aiming for. Light and airy looks great with minimalistic styling and not too many color combinations. Light and airy images usually look best with soft color tones. 

Use a wide aperture so the light can flow into your images. Light is your best friend when you are going for light and airy images. Go for f 2.2 or f 2.8. Also, increase the exposure a few stops to give yourself a lighter image to work with.  

Follow all these steps so you have great images to work with from the start.

How to Create Bright Presets in Lightroom 

Lightroom is fast, easy and really a genius creation for editing your images. There are many ways to get light and airy images by using Lightroom to edit.

Below are step-by-step instructions on one way to go about it. Remember, the key is to shoot well, so you have the best images to work on once you get to your computer desk. 

  1. Start by importing your image and increasing the exposure if needed. 
  2. Adjust the temperature to make the images a little cooler. This will help achieve the light and airy look and make the whites brighter.
  3. Adjust the contrast if needed. Play around to find the right amount of contrast. This will highlight the blacks and whites, but too much will look harsh.
  4. Lighten the shadows to lift and lighten the image appearance.
  5. Tweak the clarity to make your image look a little sharper and eye-catching.
  6. Play around with the vibrancy as you might need more or less. Keep a close eye on skin tones to make sure they remain natural looking. 

Finally, you have edited your image to be light and airy looking in Lightroom. You can save your preset or batch your photos in Lightroom to save heaps of hours during every editing session. 

light and airy photography

How to Make Photos With a Light Look in Photoshop 

Photoshop generally is a little more time consuming than Lightroom. Regardless it is a powerful editing tool that can produce excellent results. Here is how to edit light and airy images in Photoshop.

  1. Open your image in Photoshop.
  2. Using curves increase the exposure of your image if needed.
  3. Use color balance to set the color tone you want for your image. Keep it cool for light and airy images.
  4. To make the image cooler use the color hue setting to reduce the yellow tones.
  5. Use the dodge and burn tools to lighten any areas that are too dark or light.
  6. Sharpen the image and if there is a person in the photo you can smooth the skin slightly.
  7. Next, use a white brush to lighten any parts of the image that look too dark. Start with a setting of 30% and adjust as needed.
  8. Adjust the color balance and your image will be ready to save.

Best Light and Airy Presets 

To save time, you can buy our amazing presets that will do exactly all the steps we mentioned above. But instead of going step-by-step, you can simply import the preset and click on the one you wish to use.

From there, you might need to tweak a few settings and in a matter of moments, your work is done. Now you are ready to export your work and start brainstorming the hash tags.

Here are our current fav five presets for bright and airy images that will make your IG feed look super pro.

1. All White Everything

Fashion photographers, interior design lovers and small shop owners love the Minimal White preset for its fresh, clean look. This smart preset enhances images dramatically, giving them a look that makes you want to be right there in that cafe, living room, or the boutique shop where the photo was taken. 

This preset works well with surroundings with a lot of white and then the colors in the image pop. This leaves you with an image that is eye-catching and beautiful. 

Skin tones come out soft and glowing, eyes bright and powerful and clothing is enhanced to look its best. This preset is so popular because it's versatile, has the desired look and is easy to use.

Find your white walls, wear your latest outfit and get your friend some coffee because you need to plan a special photoshoot to try out the Minimal White preset. It will blow your mind and exceed your expectations! 


bright and airy look

2. The Aesthetic Minimalist

Likes and comments will be on the rise when your IG followers see this baby in action. The Minimal Aesthetics preset was designed to bring life to lifestyle photography in a subtle, yet impactful way. 

Interiors with rattan furniture, cane accessories and natural decor items look lit after being kissed by this incredible preset. This earthy, rustic look is what many interior designers, product sellers and home owners are loving now. Subtle gold details, lush rugs and fresh greenery look gorgeous with this preset. 

We love everything about this preset that gives a high-fashion look. This preset keeps things authentic while lifting the overall look of the image. It is one of our favorites!


bright and airy photo look

3. Bohemian Vintage Vibe

If you want to lift the mood of your photos to a dreamy place of happiness, then the Boho Sundaze preset is all yours. 

The name gives a good impression of what this preset is capable of. The Boho Sundaze preset has grain blended with softness for a vintage feel. Professionals and everyday people all love this preset that is light and airy and can enhance those chilled weekend moments and weekday creations.

We like the effect it has on lifestyle and natural, authentic people photography. For a family shoot taken at home, it is perfection. In a busy showroom or studio, we see images coming out bright and on-trend. It can be used in many situations and will create an IG feed that is cohesive and gorgeous. 


bright preset look for photos

4. Home and Decor Lovers

This preset was created with the interior blogger and influencer in mind. This clever preset gives a variety of clean, white and light vibes to home and office interiors.

Rooms are transformed from average to A+ in a few inspired iPhone clicks. Expect your favorite shooting areas to look crisp, chic and modern with this set of presets that is changing IG feeds for the better.

You can choose from five different looks with this preset. Real estate agents are singing amen and interior designers are in a state of bliss, since we launched this preset made to make interiors look perfect. 


light and bright look for Instagram

5. Airy Outdoor Adventures

What you need this winter is warm mulled wine, Christmas movies and this wonderful winter preset. After playing with this preset and seeing the cool results, you won't know how you survived without it.

Imagine crispy whites and cool tones with color that is deep and rich. Choose from five different Winter Wonderland looks with this preset collection. It's just as great used for indoor shots as outdoor.

The Winter Wonderland present excels when used on snowy images and is brilliant for winter interiors, festive imagery and gives the pop you need to post your images online as soon as possible. 

Any blogger, influencer or photographer looking for white, bright and airy snowflake images will love this preset that can be used on mobile or desktop. It can be used for a range of photographic situations and will make your IG feed glow brighter than a Christmas tree on fire. 


clean and white winter look

Light and Airy Photography Ideas for Instagram

We are about to celebrate Christmas then have the countdown for the New Year. And how we are looking forward to a bright 2021.

This time will always be remembered, so let's document our days on Instagram with light and airy stories of saying goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021.

Here are some photography ideas for Instagram that will impress, inspire and excite your followers. 

  • Food & Drink
    Did you remember the hot chocolate? Hot drinks that make us love the winter months might be coffee in the morning and wine in the evenings with some healthy smoothies thrown into the middle of the day. Festive food can be tempting and lovely so let us see what you are dining on this wintery season!

  • DIY & Decor
    Giving or receiving DIY gifts can be a great photo op. We are sure you have plenty of detail decorations around from stationery, ribbons, flowers and more to give your festive IG feed a bright blast your followers are craving. Fans can't get enough of feel-good gift and interior photos, so go wild!

  • Portraits
    Do you agree the eyes are the window to the soul? A close-up portrait can be very striking on your IG feed. Phone a friend, turn a family member into a model for an hour or get into some fun self-portraits. Pets make great portrait subjects too! Will your pet pooch cooperate? 

  • Lifestyle
    Are you ready to share your lifestyle? For many of us, our lifestyles have been changed lately. We are discovering new enchanting lives in our own backyards. Take photos of the small things, the architecture & interior, the people and of course yourself!

There are many ways to get the light and airy look that is so popular these days. We believe presets are the fastest, easiest and most cohesive way to curate an IG feed that is stylized, on-brand and consistent.

Luckily you can master the look because nobody's images look anywhere near as super straight out of the camera. 

In fact, without photography presets, we guarantee you wouldn't look twice at the stunning IG feed of the influencer you follow most closely. The photos would look nothing so special.

But with some preset magic, we have a different story. You will stop, like and comment because the image is so dreamy. What are you waiting for? Christmas is coming. We wish you a Merry Airy Christmas and a Happy New Year!