45 Spring Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram

Spring. The weather is getting warmer, flowers are starting to bloom and it finally feels like summer is on its way.

Spring is a wonderful time to crack out your camera to shoot some fresh new content. Forget the days of cold, dark winter days. Spring is all about fresh air, green landscapes and longer, warmer days.

Need some inspiration for the best Instagram spring photoshoots? We’ve put together 45 of our favourite ideas. Read on to find out more.

Best Instagram Photo Ideas to Try This Spring

1. Fields of Flowers

You can’t think of spring without thinking about a wonderful flower-filled field. Think grassy countryside landscapes and daisies coating the floor beneath you. This is the perfect place for capturing some great photos. Whether you’re skipping in amongst the flowers or lying down on freshly cut grass. 

2. Spring Picnics

Now that spring has sprung, why not head outside and enjoy the warmer days with a spring picnic photoshoot. It could feature a wicker basket complete with some champagne glasses and strawberries, a floral picnic blanket and french baguettes.

3. Coloured Walls

Head outside and capture some sleek fashion shots up against a brightly coloured background. Nothing quite says positive, spring vibes than this.

4. Spring Flowers as Props

Rain or shine, spring flowers can make a great prop for a photoshoot. Set up your shoot indoors using a sheet as a backdrop, or head outside and use some tulips or daffodils as a prop for a great outfit or creative photo.

5. Indoor Spring Interiors

Your idea of spring interior shoots might feature pastel coloured walls, vases filled with flowers and relaxing artwork. On duller days, it’s all about spending time capturing your favourite interior pieces.

6. Cafe Mornings

Enjoy a cup of coffee and a croissant at your favourite local cafe, and capture some instagrammable shots on camera! It can be the perfect opportunity to shoot your outfit of the day in a pretty setting.

7. Wardrobe

Show off your favorite spring clothes. Might be floral patterns, pastel colours or matching accessories. We are so ready for sunny spring days!

8. Window Portraits

Not in the mood for an outdoor shoot? No worries! Take a beautiful natural light portrait next to your window. Wear your favourite spring outfit or a simple white blanket for a dreamy look.

9. Spring Crafts

With Easter approaching, you might look to get crafty with some baking or DIY crafts. Spring crafts can make great content, so why not set it up as a photoshoot along the way? For example, painting plant pots or creating an easter bake.

10. Morning Coffee

Picture this, a hot cup of coffee or matcha to start a warm, sunny morning in your garden or curled up on the sofa. You can set the scene for a calm, spring day with a morning photoshoot as you’re going about your daily routine. 

11.Spring Landscapes

Rolling hills, lush green fields and fields of flowers -  head outside and shoot some beautiful photos of spring landscapes.

12. Vintage Bike Rides

Take things back to the 1950s with a classic vintage bike shoot. If you’re lucky enough to own one, they can make wonderful photos. If not, any bike will do! Bikes with baskets make particularly aesthetic shots. You could even add a bunch of your favourite flowers into the basket. 

13. Spring Fashion

We couldn’t talk about spring photoshoot ideas without mentioning spring fashion. Think long, floaty floral dresses, floral patterns and pastel-coloured knits. Spring is all about breathing fresh air into our lives, and you can reflect this in the colours and pieces that you wear.

14. Flowers on Faces

Pinterest is stocked full of great photoshoot ideas. Running with the flower theme, why not experiment with flower petals? Add some to your face and take some stunning portraits. You can experiment with everything from upping the contrast while using bright coloured flower petals, to turning down the saturation for some black and white photos.

15. Wildlife and Nature

Chirping birds to newly born lambs, there are lots of lovely photos of nature and wildlife to capture in spring!

16. Flower Clothes

Everybody loves flowers. So why only put them on the table when you can wear them as a shirt? You could also use your boots as a vase - feel free to get creative!

17. Floral Hairstyles

The spring aesthetic is all about flowers, and we couldn’t suggest some spring photoshoot without mentioning flower hairstyles! You could even create your own flower crown using daisies from your garden.

18. Plantations

Nothing says spring quite like fresh plants and fruits. Capture some photos on a plantation amongst freshly picked lemons, strawberries or flowers.

 19. Puddles and Wellies

The sun might be shining more, but there are bound to be rainy days too. Rain needn’t put a barrier in front of you taking some great photos. Use wellington boots! You could be jumping for joy in a puddle or capturing some close up photos of wellies paired with a lovely spring outfit.

20. Umbrella

Other rain props for great photos include umbrellas as props for some happy, dancing in the rain photos!

 21. Balloons

There’s something about balloons that feels like a celebration. They also make the perfect  photo prop! Grab some balloons and capture some of you holding them as they blow in the wind. They’ll make extra great photos if you can get balloons in lovely, pastel colours. 

22. Laying in Grass

Warmer, fresh days are on the way, which means it’s time to head outside and spend some time in your local park or countryside. Capture a great photoshoot as you lay in the grass or even in a flower field this spring. Whether it’s amongst dandelions or daisies or hanging out with friends with a beer. 

23. Mirror Selfies

Mirror selfies are never getting old. Place some plants or flowers in the background and take a snap shot of your outfit. 

24. Flower Lens 

Of course, there are million way of incorporating flowers in your spring shots - but have you already tried the flower lens? Tape your favourite flowers around your lens and create a beautiful framing effect.

25.  Sunrise and Sunsets

As winter subsides, the sun starts to rise earlier and set later in the day. Why not get up early and head out to your favourite local spot to capture the sunrise? Or, stay on top of the city for a great sunset shoot!

 26. Flat Lays

Lay some books on the grass or a bedsheet and take some aesthetically pleasing imagery of or other accessories from above. You could also incorporate flowers or shadows into the photo to give it a little something extra.

 27. Pets

Pets make great photos, let’s be honest! Whether you’re shooting photos of your dog enjoying a run in the park, or taking photos of your cat perched outside your home on a wall. Why not incorporate one of the above ideas with a photo of your pet? For example, you could capture them sitting in a basket of your bike, or in a field filled with dandelions!

 28. Swings

Happiness is exuding in spring, and swings make a great place for capturing some playful pictures. It doesn’t have to be a park swing, it could be a DIY tree rope swing or tyre. Either way, shooting movement and joy are two things that can come across great on camera.

 29. Spring Makeup Trends

There are so many spring makeup trends to incorporate into a fun spring photoshoot! For example, bright pastel eyeshadows and baby pink lip colours. Test out some new makeup looks with a fun portrait photoshoot with friends.

30. Flower Shops

Living in the city with limited access to flower fields? No worries! Head out into your local area and look for a cute little flower shop.

 31. Balcony Mornings

If you’re inspired by Pinterest pictures of mornings spent enjoying breakfast on a balcony overlooking a city of houses, you can create it yourself if you have access to a balcony.

32. Up-Close Photography

Take some up-close imagery of flowers or another subject while blurring the background. This will help your subject to stand out in your photo!

 33. Everything Pastel

Spring is all about bringing out a little positivity and colour after the darker winter days. Put on your favourite outfit, get some cotton candy and take an “everything pastel” photo.

34.  Spring Hair Trends

We’ve spoken about flower crowns, but there are plenty of other hair trends to try in spring! What jumps to mind when you think of spring hair trends? Perhaps it’s delicately braided hair or luscious waves? Use your favourite hair trends to capture a fun spring photoshoot! You could head to a field of flowers to set the scene or take them during your picnic.

35.  Spring Foods

Spring food is all about fresh green vegetables like asparagus, beetroots and strawberries. If you’re a keen home cook or baker, seize the opportunity for a photoshoot! A feast of home-cooked food spread out on a table can make a great photo. Pancakes with fresh fruits such a s strawberries are also a great option.

36. Self-Portraits

Set up your camera at home with a spring background like garden trees or plants and create some stunning shots! You can experiment with this using different backgrounds, filters and depths.

 37. Mirrors

Shoot some self-portraits or arty shots using a mirror as your prop! Head outside on a sunny day and use it to reflect on your subject. You can be really playful with this, for example setting the mirror amongst a bed of flowers, or capturing the blue sky behind you.

38. Dandelions

One of the plants that you’ll notice more of in spring is the dandelion. They make handy props for photos, as you can capture them blowing in the wind or photograph someone blowing them into the camera. Or, lie down in a field of dandelions and capture some photos in the sun!

 39. Shadows and Reflections

As the sun shines through your windows, play around with shadows. It could be a shadow of a bouquet on a wall, or some lace blinds reflecting unique shapes. You could also go outside and shoot during golden hour.

40.  City Strolls

Spring is a time where the weather becomes warmer, so why not take some pictures in the city? Put on your favourite outfit, buy some flowers and let's get started!

41. Flower Bath

Since spring is all about florals, why not create a one of a kind photoshoot using your bathtub and some flowers? Simply fill your bath with a mixture of water and milk and throw in your favourite spring flowers. Create a unique portrait photo as you lie amongst the flowers.

42. Farmers Markets

As spring begins, farmers markets will open once again. Head down to one on a weekend and shoot a beautifully fresh range of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

43. Easter-Themed Photoshoots

Easter is almost upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with an Easter-themed photo shoot? Get your friendship group involved using bunny ears as props or for an easter egg hunt with homemade bunting around your garden!

43. Coloured Doors

Head outside around your local area and see if you can spot any coloured doors. They make wonderful photos, particularly if you choose a matching outfit.


45. Your Favourite Hobbies

Whether you’re out on a horse ride or playing a game of tennis, take your phone or camera along with you to shoot some great photos! You could really get creative when shooting in familiar places, like dressing up in a high fashion outfit and playing around with editing options like saturation.



Ready to get started on your next spring photography shoot? There are plenty of fun spring picture ideas for Instagram you should try! Just save this list to come back to when you’re stuck for ideas.