22 Winter Photo Ideas for Instagram

Winter is just around the corner which means it’s almost time to make a hot chocolate, grab a blanket and cuddle up by the log burner to watch a Christmas movie!

While it can be a great season for the usual home traditions, it’s also the perfect time of year for taking some great snaps!

Here, we’re giving you 22 of our favourite winter Instagram ideas for you to try.

22 Winter Photo Ideas for Instagram

1. Snowy landscapes

If there’s one thing we love about the festive season it’s the beauty that it brings to the great outdoors! All seasons bring their unique changes in the environment; from the bright blooming flowers of summer through to the brown tonal coloured leaves of autumn. Winter provides the perfect opportunity to capture some of nature’s finest landscapes, so head outside and find your best Instagram landscape photo around you. It might be as simple as a frost-covered field near your home, or perhaps a park lake that has frozen over.

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2. Your favourite seasonal beverage

Look for winter content inspiration in your every day! From pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolates topped in whipped cream to mulled wine. Some of the best bits of winter are enjoying a warming drink on a cold day. You don’t need to go far to capture your favourite seasonal treat- you can even make your own at home!

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3. Pets

There’s nothing cuter than an adorable picture of your pet during any time of year, so this has to be part of your Instagram feed for winter, too! The difference is, you’ll be able to capture them cosied up by the fireplace or playing with the Christmas decorations.

4. Cosy nights in

A night by the fire with a Christmas movie is one of the best things about winter. Your feet up in your favourite slippers or socks will make a lovely winter photo idea.

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5. Fashion

Oversize knitted jumpers, woolly hats and cosy boots are what makes up winter’s best fashion must-haves. Capture your favourite outfit in front of an attractive winter-themed backdrop to make your photo even better.

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6. Festive lights

Glowing lights are part of what makes Christmas so magical. Whether it’s the Christmas lights inside of your house or dazzling seasonal displays in your local town. They make a great winter Instagram idea and will no doubt draw in the likes!  

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7. Sweet treats

Do you love gingerbread or prefer candy cane? Whatever your favourite sugary treats, they can make a great photo to add to your feed. Try a flat lay of your favourite confectionary to capture the best image.

8. Warming foods & drinks

There’s nothing quite like warming winter foods and drinks. Whether you prefer roasted vegetables or soups or a hot tea, the best foods always make a great winter photo idea.

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9. Snow angels

If you are lucky enough to live in a country that is cold enough for snowy weather, it is a great opportunity to capture a cute picture! Get a friend to take one of you, or get creative by photographing your friends in one great image.

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10. Nature

Winter nature is truly unique. It might be a lucky close-up image of a Christmas robin, or it could be as special as capturing a fox leaving footprints in the frost. Keep a keen eye out on a walk for some special nature photography opportunities and seize the moment to capture them for your next ‘gram.

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11. Christmas decorations

As the main annual event, it wouldn’t be right to exclude Christmas amongst one of the best winter Instagram ideas. Capture your favourite Christmas tree decorations for a great photo; from Christmas tinsel and fairy lights to bespoke glass hanging decorations.

 12. You and your other half

Christmas, in particular, is one of the best times to spend with family and friends, and you might even feel the love more around this festive time of year! Whatever experiences you might try together, don’t forget to capture them for Instagram.

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13. Frosty mornings

Colder mornings might not be your idea of the ideal wake up call, but they really can be magical. Wrap up warm and take a walk outside to capture your local area in all of its glory. You’ll likely find some great winter photo ideas- from frosty glass to snow-coated trees.

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14. Festive bakes

Are you an avid baker? Or perhaps you like to experiment with different recipes? Since the weather can be a little less predictable during the winter months, it might mean that you have to stay inside a little more. Why not capture an Instagram photo of your home bakes, and show off to your followers how much of a great cake connoisseur you are?

15. You and your friends

It might be a little different this year, but a get together with friends (socially distanced or according to the regulations of course!) can make a great Instagram. After all, who doesn’t love to see happy faces on their Insta-feed?

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16. Christmas markets

There are lots of unique offerings in Christmas markets around the world - from artisan foods to unique Christmas gifts. Christmas markets are so festive- making them great seasonal photos.

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17. Christmas trees

One of the most festive activities to do during the winter is to shop for a Christmas tree! Capture an image amongst the trees as you shop, or get a great photo of the wintry tree farm scene while you’re there.

Winter Inspiration Christmas Tree Shopping

18. Architecture

From old historic traditional buildings to tall city skyscrapers, buildings can make some great photos. Especially if festive Christmas lights are hanging between buildings or snow is lightly dusting the roofs.

19. City lights

Early, dark evenings and bright city lights can make an iconic abstract Instagram image. Why not try a long exposure photo option on your phone to make the image look fast-moving?

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20. Firework displays

Magical firework displays can make a wonderful, colourful scenic photo. Both New Year’s celebrations and festive firework displays make up some of the most exciting nights during the cold months! In case you want to start small, use sparklers:

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21. Ice skating

No winter would be complete without an ice skating experience. Whether you are skilled on the ice or more like Disney’s ‘Bambi’- don’t forget to take a quick snap while you’re on the ice. Your followers will never know whether you are good or bad at ice skating!

22. Portraits

Last, but certainly not least, portraits! Head outside in your favourite cosy outfit and get a friend to take a photo of you against a wintery snowy, backdrop. It will make your portraits all the more special.

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