Best Aesthetic iOS App Icons

Aesthetic iOS App Icons

5+ iPhone Themes for Aesthetic Home Screen Organization

For years, phones have given us the ability to customise our home screens using custom background images. Apple iPhones have been a little late to the party in terms of customisation features beyond this. 

While Android users have had greater control over their phone customisation through widget selection and unique icon packs, Apple iPhones are known historically for their limited functionality.

Now, however, there’s an exciting new way to make your iPhone truly personal to you, and that’s with the new iOS 14 update which allows you to customise your iPhone theme. Everyone’s personalities and styles are different, so why shouldn’t their phones be too?

After all, we’re all guilty of spending more than a few hours a day on our phones!

Here, we’ll be looking into the hottest iOS themes you can get; from aesthetic app icon packages to widget themes.

What are Aesthetic iOS Themes?

Apple’s iOS 14 is a new update that launched in September 2020 that allows its users to personalise their home screens using a host of third-party free and paid-for apps.

These third-party apps allow you to alter each of your app icons within your phone to make them all unique to your personal style! Whether that’s a sophisticated monochrome theme or aesthetically pleasing pastels. Our aesthetic iPhone icon packs make it easy for you to create a minimal iOS Theme.

By doing this, you’ll be able to get each of your app icons to look cohesive and similar to one another, rather than each of them having different styles and logos.

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Aesthetic iPhone Themes
Minimalistic iOS App Icon Pack

How to Customize App Icons?

Now, before we go into detail about all the great looks that you can achieve with a custom app icon set, it’s important to note that these icons cannot be easily changed simply by clicking on each of your iPhone apps.

While iOS 14 does have some pretty neat new features, customising the app icons usually has to be done through the shortcuts option. Here, you can create a shortcut for each of your apps, then import a custom icon image to make them all similar to one another. 

Trending iOS Themes in 2021

Now that you know how to change your app icons, let’s look into the possible icon sets you can get.

Firstly, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to achieve an aesthetically pleasing home screen, and don’t mind putting some time into it- you can create icons yourself. Choose from your own images or graphics from your camera roll and import them into each app shortcut individually. Needless to say, this is likely to take you some time, but you can achieve some awesome app icons that are personal to you.

If that’s not your bag, there are now lots of great free and paid iOS icon themes you can download from third-party apps to suit your style. From each app, you’ll have to follow the instructions on how to import them into your phone.

Here are a few themes we recommend!

Aesthetic iPhone Icon Packs

Pastel iPhone Theme Icons

Pastel colours

Spruce up your iPhone by changing up your apps with some new pastel colours. They might have unique patterns like brush strokes or pastel coloured photographs. Either way, a pastel coloured theme is sure to brighten up your phone every time you look at it!

Neon iOS Icons pack

Neon Lights

Another popular app choice is neon. Give each of your app icons a night time glow by making them look like neon signs. Change up your background to black or something dark to really make your apps pop.

Aesthtic Icons for iPhone Home Screen

Aesthetic Photos

If aesthetic is more your style, you can give your phone theme a relaxing and clean look by going 'bright and airy' with your icons. Choose minimalistic photos with bright tones for a clean feel.

Creating Unique Wallpapers

Personalising your phone with the new iOS update doesn’t stop at customising your app icons. With iOS custom themes and packs, you can customise your background too.

If you’re going for a specific theme, why not find a background that compliments your new theme? 

Head to Instagram or Pinterest to find some inspiration for the sort of aesthetic that you like, then either download a third party app like ‘Wallpapers & Themes’ or create your own background using websites such as Canva.

For example, if you’re going for a coastal theme with minimalist icons, you could opt for a visually pleasing seascape background to match. Or, for an astrology theme, you could pick a galaxy background to match.

Useful Widgets for your Home Screen

Along with the recent iOS update comes a new way for Apple users to customise their home screen. The new ‘widget’ feature allows users to pin their favourite tools to their home screen, allowing easy access and viewing. For example, the weather, notes or clock.

When you hold down your finger on the home screen of your phone, you’ll likely know that this allows you to freely move around your apps as you wish. 

With the new iOS 14 update, you can now also arrange your apps by tapping on the dots at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to edit your home screen pages so you can hide certain apps, folders or pages if you need to.

Customizing your Widgets

With this feature you’ll also find that clicking on the ‘plus’ icon in the left-hand corner brings up a new option- widgets. 

Using this button, you’ll find the widgets you already have access to depending on which apps you have downloaded. For example, if you have the BBC Weather app, you’ll find that there’s now a widget to go with it, where you’re able to display the weather in your location on your home screen.

There are three different sized widgets for you to choose from for each app, ranging from a small icon square through to a half-page size. Simply choose the size and add it to your homescreen. You’ll be able to then view each widget app at a glance, making it easy to access the information you need.

Standard Apple widgets

Here are some of the standard Apple widgets you’ll notice you can attach to your screen, depending on what apps you make the most use of:


Display your local time or several clocks from around the world using the Apple clock widget on your homescreen. With third-party widget apps, you can switch up the style of this to make the colour and theme more suited to you. 


Are you someone that likes to keep track of quick reminders or shopping lists? If you don’t want to have to scroll through your apps to reach them, the note widget allows you to quickly view your notes at a glance.


If you’re using your phone extensively throughout the day, you’ll likely run out of battery pretty quickly. The batteries widget gives you the option to display your phone’s battery larger on your homepage, so that you can keep track of when to next pop your phone on charge.

The best apps for
aesthetic third party widgets:



Color Widgets

Wallpapers & Themes for Me

ScreenKit- Aesthetic App Icons

Brass - Custom Icons & Widgets

Live Wallpaper Maker - Live4K

Feeling ready to get started on personalising your iPhone?

There are a vast number of customisation apps to help you to find your favourite aesthetic. Don’t forget that it is possible for you to fully create your own aesthetic home screen, but it might take a little time, patience and creativity!  Which themes will you be trying?

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