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Moody Lightroom Presets for Adventurers and Landscape Photographers

Our Roamer preset pack is for all the explorers and adventurers out there who aren't afraid to go off-trail to find those hidden spots in the middle of nature! 

  • Moody Lightroom Presets for Outdoor Photography
  • Great for people, close-ups and landscapes
  • Mix of muted blacks and punchy contrast
  • 8 Presets for Lightroom Mobile & Desktop
  • Easy Instructions (for dng + xmp files)
  • One-click editing
  • Instant Download

Create a Nature Theme with a Muted Aesthetic.


This preset pack is designed to bring out all of the best colours in your outdoor photography shots. From burnt orange tones of forest leaves to bright blues of the ocean, this preset pack will give your photos a professional and energetic look. 

Edit People- and Landscape Photos With one Click.

Enhance your outdoor photographs with the Roamer preset pack, designed with you, the adventurer in mind!

Roamer is perfect for those who love to snap amazing photos, whether landscape, seascape or up close with nature.

 Handcrafted with love.  You can be sure that we put all our heart into each single preset to craft a unique high-quality look.

 Instant Download. You get access to 
the presets immediately after ordering and can start to edit your feed right away.

✓ Thousands of  5-star reviews. We are so grateful for all the messages from happy customers from all over the world. Thank you!


The presets work with the smartphone application “Lightroom CC“ as well as with the desktop version of Lightroom (Mac/Windows).

What is included in your download:

  • Lightroom Mobile Presets in DNG Format compatible with the Lightroom smartphone app
  • Lightroom Presets in XMP Format compatible with the Lightroom desktop applications
  • Import instructions for Mobile Presets


Important note for desktop users:
Please make sure you have done the most recent upgrades to Lightroom CC & Lightroom Classic CC for desktop. Our Desktop presets are XMP files.

Please keep in mind that the presets look different on every photo (depending on the light or the colors in the picture or the camera used). You might need to do some simple adjustments after the preset is applied.
The presets are instantly ready for download directly after the payment is received.


For Adventurers and Landscape Photographers


Roamer Lightroom Presets


Cinematic, dynamic and atmospheric


Presets for up-close nature and aerial photography


Works best with burnt orange tones and sea blues


For off-roaders and beachgoers