What are Lightroom presets?

Lightroom Presets are like Instagram filters for professional photographers. You can do stunning edits with only one click in no time. We created our presets during the last years as photographers and still use them for all commercial projects as well as for our holiday edits.

Do I need a software to use the presets?

Yes, you need the Smartphone App "Lightroom Mobile CC" which is free or "Adobe Lightroom Classic/CC" to use our presets. You can find Lightroom here

Can I use the presets on my smartphone?

Yes sure! All presets which you can find on this page here are designed for the smartphone app. You will receive DNG Preset Files which are compatible with Lightroom CC Mobile. You will also receive installation instructions with your digital download. Don't worry - its easy :-)

Do I need a special camera or can I use the presets for my smartphone pictures?

Our presets can be used for RAW and JPEG pictures. If you are using a modern camera we do recommend to shoot in RAW format because you can tweak colors much better. Nevertheless we are passionate smartphone shooters as well and edit all our smartphone pictures in Lightroom. It's up to you :)

I am a newbie. Can I still edit with your presets?

Yes you can. That's the beauty of using presets. We did all the coloring for you, so you can simply apply the presets to your pictures with only one click. You might need to do some additional adjustments to get your individual perfect results on every shot.

Will my photos look like yours?

These are the exact presets that we use on our photos.

Even though both Mobile and Desktop presets are one-click presets, you might need to do some simple adjustments.

Every photo situation is unique, taken in different locations, different times of day etc. That’s why we also offer different preset packs. You will need to adjust things like exposure, contrast & temperature to achieve your desired look. This is the beauty of it, you can put your own special twist on our presets & create a more personalised look

What currency do you charge in?

It’s either € or $ (USD) depending on your location.

Do I need a laptop?

No, you don’t need a laptop to use our presets.

Please note: The download link which you receive instantly after your purchase can be opened easily on any laptop or computer. If you don't have access to a laptop we can send you the unzipped mobile presets. Just send us an email with your order number and we can send your presets directly to your inbox within 48 hours.

How do I get the presets from you?

Once the payment is done you can directly download the presets to your computer or your phone and import them into Lightroom. No time to waste ... You can start immediately!

Who’s answering further questions?

Please use our contact form to contact our customer support. You’ll get a reply within 48 hours – we are always happy to help :)