FPV Luts | Cinematic Luts for DJI FPV

FPV Luts | Cinematic Luts for DJI FPV

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Cinema-grade LUTs for DJI Drones

Harness the power of professional color adjustments with our stylistic video LUTs.  All our DJI drone LUTs are carefully designed to preserve as many details as possible while creating a unique film-like look.

Make your FPV Videos stand out

Increased dynamic range, matching color palettes and a defined but punchy contrast is the key to creating breathtaking cinematic videos. That’s why our LUTs are used by both beginners and experts. The files contain all the color information so that you simply can apply the grade to your video without the hassle of complicated and long-lasting color corrections. 

What you get:

  • 33 Profesional color grading presets 
  • Instant download
  • Compatible .cube files + Instruction

Cinema LUTS

Cinematic Look For Your Videos


Color Grade Any Scenery

DJI optimized

Designed for DJI FPV

One-Click Coloring

Fast and Easy to Use


Works With Any Editing Software